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Stay-At-Home Mom?
Here's How to Find Financial and Emotional Fulfillment

meaningful incomeYour Mom stays at home? Oh, so she doesn't work?
First, let's make something clear. ALL moms are work-at-home moms. Cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning and laundry might not be highly respected occupations, but unless you've got one of those super-husbands who considers these tasks his responsibility as much as yours, the chances are that you're taking on most of those tasks yourself. This seems to be just as true for moms who have worked all day at an outside job and maybe started and ended the day with a long commute.

The Decision to Stay at Home
All this was difficult enough before you became a parent. Then, pure exhaustion set in. When you realized that you didn't want just quality time with your children, but quantity time as well, you made the tough decision: You became a stay-at-home mom. You decided it was best for your family for you to be the one who raises your children-not a babysitter or the staff at a daycare center. No matter how child-friendly they seemed, you always felt that no one else can care for your children as well as you. Best of all, now you don't have that distressing guilt and worry that bothered you ten hours a day or more.

adjustable career for at home momsThe first thing you probably noticed is a serious cut in income. But then, you aren't spending as much on gas or lunches out or expensive clothes for work. You're really more comfortable in jeans and tees (and they're much more practical anyway). And you realize the kids don't care one way or another if they're wearing designer clothes. You can economize on food now because you're at home to cook nutritious meals instead of picking up fast food or a pizza on the way home.

And there are so many great payoffs! You're there to cheer Emily on when she takes her first steps and says her first word. You never have to miss a school program or a soccer game. Now you can take Madison to ballet and Jacob to his karate class. You're there to wipe away tears and answer those important questions that come up out of the blue-and you've got the energy to really play with your little ones.

There Seems to be Something Missing
You're aware of a troubling emptiness that used to be filled with the thrill of accomplishment that you took from your old job. You miss working with professionals to meet challenges, find solutions, and celebrate success. You miss the feeling of financial freedom you got from having your own paycheck and your own 401K. And you're getting a little tired of living frugally. It would be nice to be able to add something to the family income, but you really don't want to leave your kids!

work at home careerThere Is a Solution
Every day, millions of people search online for legitimate work-at-home opportunities. Thanks to the information age and the availability of jobs not just in the US but all over the world, home-based entrepreneurs have found that they don't have to choose between family and professional fulfillment. It is estimated that over one-third of families with children 18 or younger have at least one parent working in a home-based business. The Internet offers hundreds of different opportunities to be an at-home entrepreneur.

As long as you have the desire to succeed and the willingness to learn, you can soon be enjoying the freedom of being your own boss, the return of that productive, professional feeling, and the flexibility to enjoy your family.

All genuine work-at-home opportunities provide you with the tools and expert guidance you'll need to get started in your own business.

The possibilities are endless!

earn money from homeOnline Co-Workers
Look around, and you'll be pleased to find an interesting online community of people just like you who have found a way to continue using the skills they acquired on the job without ever leaving home. They like to joke that their commute takes 30 seconds-the time it takes to walk from the kitchen to their computer in their pajamas, with that second cup of home-brewed coffee fixed just the way they like it. While they work, they're free to snuggle with babies, keep an eye on a toddler, or get dinner started.

These stay-at-home moms are free of the hassles of a corporate job away from home, yet they have recovered the self-esteem that comes from being intellectually and financially productive entrepreneurs. Who could ask for more?

The Next Step Is Up to You
To determine the path that is right for you, you need information about the different kinds of home-based business openings available. Fortunately, finding out couldn't be easier. There is no obligation or risk involved. Just fill in the form below, and you will be provided with additional information about an exciting opportunity.


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